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About LinkedIn
£0.00 1 Sections 9 Lessons

LinkedIn is a must-have for the modern professional. Here's why...

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
£39.99 4 Sections 21 Lessons

This is where it all begins. Your profile is the cornerstone of your LinkedIn activity. Take your time to get it right, complete all the sections, and have a fully optimised profile - starting with your best foot forward!

Finding Target Companies and Leads
£24.99 2 Sections 11 Lessons

LinkedIn can be used for many sales and marketing related tasks, whether that is generating leads, building stakeholder awareness, or nurturing a partner network. Below are ways to identify those that are most important to you.

How to Use Sales Navigator like a Pro
£37.99 2 Sections 27 Lessons

How to get the most out of your sales navigator subscription

Connecting & Growing Your Network
£26.99 1 Sections 13 Lessons

Sales magic happens in the inbox, if you are not connected, you can't have the conversation. This course helps you get connected with the highest connection acceptance rate.

How to have Conversations that Convert
£31.99 2 Sections 15 Lessons

Converting leads into wins on LinkedIn is all in the art of conversation. Learn about the LinkedIn etiquette and how to turn those conversations into opportunities.

Posting & Amplification
£58.99 3 Sections 31 Lessons

How to write posts on topics and in formats that will get your post seen and engaged with.

Comments, likes and more comments
£11.99 1 Sections 5 Lessons

Often overlooked, softer engagement from your profile is very effective

Your Company Page
£50.00 2 Sections 8 Lessons

LinkedIn is natural a 'people first' network, but your company page, website, products and services need to stack up too. Here we provide tips on optimising your company page and increasing followers

Handy Tools for LinkedIn
£9.99 2 Sections 4 Lessons

Tools can bring efficiencies and/or increased effectiveness. These are the ones I've tested. For some there are member offers, which you'll find links to in the member offers document.

Using LinkedIn to Maximise Events
£37.99 2 Sections 20 Lessons

Whether face-to-face or online you can achieve your objectives from events by using LinkedIn.

New Stuff!
£9.99 1 Sections 6 Lessons

This is where I'll add new features from the past six months. Where they fit into courses they will also be added there.

£19.99 1 Sections 9 Lessons

Frequently asked questions

Sales Planning on LinkedIn
£0.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

LinkedIn is a sales tool. As such it requires strategy and commitment. Here are my guides on how to create an effective strategy

LinkedIn Newsletters
£35.00 1 Sections 8 Lessons

Guide to setting up your newsletter and the benefits to understand if it is right for you!