How to Use Sales Navigator like a Pro

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Course Description

How to get the most out of your sales navigator subscription

Course Content

Finding the right people

Navigate Sales Navigator to set yourself up for success.
Sales Navigator v. free - comparison of features
Why Use Sales Navigator?
Saved searches v. Account and Lead Lists
Making an Account Search
Making a Lead Search
Navigating an Account Page
How do you save accounts to an Account List in Sales Nav?
How do you save leads to a Lead List in Sales Nav?
Finding Leads By Job Title (Inc. Boolean Search)
Using Sales Nav to generate referrals
Using Sales Navigator to find your Company Page Followers
Sales Nav Messaging Inbox
How Sales Nav increases your connection acceptance rate
Sales Nav Search Preferences
How do I check the number of saved accounts I have in Sales Nav?
How do I check the number of saved leads I have in Sales Nav?
If I have saved leads that aren't relevant
How to find saved leads not in a list - and how to add them to the list
Tracking using Sales Navigator
If your home page is full of irrelevant leads or accounts
If your home page is irrelevant but your leads/accounts are accurate
Filtering your home page alerts by account and lead lists
How to leverage colleagues' connections using TeamLink


It is worth testing inmail to see how your audience responds
Introduction to Inmail
Preparing to write an Inmail
Example Successful Inmails and Summary