Posting & Amplification

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Course Description

How to write posts on topics and in formats that will get your post seen and engaged with.

Course Content

Post Content

Ideas on finding topics for posting
Introduction to posting on LinkedIn
Why should you post on LinkedIn?
How frequently should you post?
Topic ideas for posts
Finding people with problems you solve through posts
Finding trending topics for your posts
Using current affairs to get reach on your posts
Should you give away your best tips for free?
How to get people to read your posts [...see more]
Tell a story with text that is kind to the eye
How to get people to engage with your posts
Re-purposing - efficiencies of writing a few posts at once
How to go viral on LinkedIn - and if it's a good thing. (Case Study with Laura West)

Post formats

There are many different formats, some are good for some things, others work well with the algorithm
The different post formats available on LinkedIn
Which post formats do best with the algorithm?
Making your posts mobile friendly
Poll posts that do well
Re-sharing company page posts and personal posts
Adding several photos to a post can be better than just one
These v. ordinary posts got 5k+ impressions

Increasing post views and engagement

Two things the algorithm looks for
How hashtags work on LinkedIn
Finding hashtag follower numbers (without a chrome extension)
How to check if your post is hitting your intended targets [analytics]
Are post impressions an important metric [analytics]
You've had lots of post engagement, now what?
How to nurture leads through post liking
How to turn a personal post into 5 meetings [it took 90 mins work]
How to support your colleagues' or company page posts