Connecting & Growing Your Network

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Course Description

Sales magic happens in the inbox, if you are not connected, you can't have the conversation. This course helps you get connected with the highest connection acceptance rate.

Course Content

Reasons to Connect

People don't want to be sold to, so here are tips on getting connected
Why do we need a reason to connect
Types of LinkedIn Connection Requests
How to know if your connection message is good [Intro to C.A.R.]
How to find your Connection Acceptance Rate
How to get people to accept your connection request
Finding real-life reasons to connect
Finding reasons to connect to people you don't (yet) know
If you get the box which asks 'how do you know....?'
How to increase your Connection Acceptance Rate by at least 10%
How to get your LinkedIn relationship off to a great start
Mobile use (57%) make getting connections accepted more challenging
How to (and should you) withdraw LinkedIn connection requests
Should you accept incoming connection requests?