Using LinkedIn to Maximise Events

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Course Description

Whether face-to-face or online you can achieve your objectives from events by using LinkedIn.

Course Content

Attending a third-party event

Things you can do on LinkedIn before, during and after the event
Summary of the things you can do to make the most of a 3rd party's event you're attending
Finding delegates of an event you're attending
Connecting to people attending a LinkedIn event
Connect to event organisers to increase your delegate connection rate
Finding your event influencers on LinkedIn
Shortcut connection messages to event delegates
Demo: TextBlaze with Sales Nav for speedy delegate connecting
Using Sales Navigator for better event follow-up
If you have a delegate list or an event app
No delegate list but you know which companies are at your event
Arranging a time to meet at the event
Use an event to spark up a conversation with your 1st degree network
Posting before the event
Posts and connections - on the day of the event
Connecting and having conversations with people after the event
Follow up posts and messages after the event

Running your own event

How to use LinkedIn to maximise your own event
Setting up an event on LinkedIn
Inviting people to an event
Use others' events to promote your own event
Going Live on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Live!)